Wednesday, 30 April 2014

28mm ECW, Kings lifeguard of Foote, The Shotte, part 1

More of the current ECW commission.
The first of the musketeers.
I'm still not sure of the make, I'll have to ask the customer, but they will either be Redoubt or Bicorne I recon.
They are nice figures though, with plenty of detail and quite large for 28's.
These have been painted to Veteran Standard by Kev.

The entire Lifeguard unit will be based by the customer when completed.

I still need to apply some varnish to them, but I'll do this when they are all painted and ready for it.
I do like to have a final scan over the figures to correct anything I missed.

These will hopefully be appearing in a future ECW supplement for a certain rule set.