Sunday, 20 April 2014

28mm Wargames Foundry Pirates

One of the things we intend to do as part of our business model is some trading on Ebay. When we have the time to do so. It is a very good way to showcase work to a wider audience and if done correctly can work for you rather well.

I have been working this week on some Pirates and Buccaneers from the ranges at Wargames Foundry with the intention of selling these on Ebay.

These have all been painted to our veteran standard by me.

As many Pirate games tend to be at skirmish level, each one is treated as an individual and painted as such.

In total three crews of five hardened buccaneers and pirates fit for any Captain to take command of. They are all available on Ebay right now follow this link to view them.



  1. Nice figures, should get a good price for these!!!!

  2. Beautiful, colorful and great looking!

  3. They look fantastic Andrew! No worries trying to sell these dudes!

  4. Fine work, you're going to fly out of the gates with a bang!

  5. Great Start Buddy.
    They look superb

  6. Nice Pirates and good luck on this joint venture