Saturday, 31 October 2015

What has kept Loki busy these last months Part 3

This is the final catch up post, inevitably there will be some projects that I have not posted pictures of. They are either deleted or I just cant remember which folders they are hiding in.

So let me begin with a small Dark age commission. An Anglo-Danish warlord and his retainers.

Of course I have also done some more work for Warbases with the completion of the Hearse and funeral set for the ever expanding Victorian range they produce.
 The cobbled roads are sculpted by me and are available to purchase directly from Warbases.
 The Hearse driver, Shire horse and feathers along with the funeral director were sculpted by Kevin.

This brings me nicely up to date: Currently the workbench is rather busy with a Saracen Saga warband, An Assyrian army and a few units of Napoleonic cavalry to keep me at the brushes.