Tuesday, 3 November 2015

More Slugs, Hazmat Clones and a Robot

Loki always enjoys his trips into town to collect the next batch of painting for Wargames Emporium as it always furnishes him with some diverse objects to paint.

All the items here are Sold under the ranges at EMP Games

So lets kick this off with another couple of those slugs

Next up are some Hazmat clone troopers from the Distant Horizon range

To finish off this post, we will conclude with a 6mm Robot, It is a colossal wee thing that sits just nicely on a 100mm diameter base when constructed.

This final Image shows the additional weapons options that are packaged with the kit.

Thats it for this post folks thanks for stopping by


  1. Nice work! That robot in particular is unreal, really impressive.

  2. Those Hazmat boys are fecking well done!

  3. All wonderful, but I do fancy some of those Hazmat troops for myself.

  4. Herd to pick a favourite from amongst them. They're all wonderful mate!