Monday, 4 January 2016

Prussian Brandenburg Cuirassiers

Firstly, let me wish you all a Happy 2016 before we get to the figures.

To start the ball rolling for this year, one of our clients sent me 2 units of Prussian Cavalry just before the Christmas Break. I had managed to get them well underway before the tools down period. I spent yesterday finishing them off. The client is basing the figures himself.

 The 4th Cuirassiers - Brandenburg, I have done these in pre 1815 colours, so they have red facings and the trumpeter does not have a red crest.
 Troopers group 1
 Troopers group 2
 Troopers group 3
 The command figures

The astute will have spotted that the entire unit except the trumpeter are mounted on chestnut horses, of varying shades. I have broken that up with a variety of leg and facial markings. The aim was to provide some form of cohesion to the heavy cavalry and create a good contrast for the figures.