Thursday, 18 February 2016

Prussian Lieb Hussars

This is a catch up post, as it is another unit of Napoleonic cavalry I recently completed. I have to say straight out the combination of painting Black and these being Perry figures really got up my nose a little.

Black I find to be a very awkward colour to paint, so often I see black ending up with shades of grey as highlights resulting in what looks to me to be some kind of ghost effect and not very realistic.

So I tried to work it in a different way, using washes in black and blue to knock the figures back between each highlight. I think this gives them a more balanced look but hey what do I really know. I also worked from the black just adding touches of yellow to work up the highlights.

Sorry there are not a few more pictures but the light in my room lately is poor and I am taking plenty of bad pictures.



  1. Nice work Loki! :)

    Black isn't an easy colour to highlight - if you use white, pale grey or yellow to lighten the black you risk it looking washed out. I've seen people using dark and mid-range blues, reds, purples, greens and browns mixed in to create the highlight colours which gives a good effect and also allows you to differentiate the various materials of the uniforms.

    1. Have too agree completely Tamsin. I am just glad there are not too many black uniformed Napoleonic troops :)
      Thank you for the compliment as well.

  2. Excellent brushwork on the black. Looks top notch to me!

  3. Excellent brushwork on the black. Looks top notch to me!

  4. Fantastic. Love me some Prussian Hussars.

  5. Nice work. For black I just paint Vellejo German Grey then wash with black or Strong Tone. Imagination tend to make it look black even though it isn't really.
    It's a colour that really does disappear on the tabletop but if is contrasted against light colours like lighter horses and those white gloves you did above then it looks excellent.
    Top job.

  6. Very nice job, the black has come out very well - expressive yet subtle. Worth the effort!