Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Blood Bowl Halfling team

Its been a while since I had anything to do with Games workshop figures, mainly due to being loaded with commissions for historical figures which is the mainstay of our work here. However recently one of my regular clients, wanted me to hang back a little on another project I have for him and squeeze a full Blood Bowl team in for him. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had to do a little conversion work before I set about the painting.

The full line up, 3 Treemen , 14 Halflings , Cook and Coach.
I was given a strict set of instructions on the colour scheme, based on an image supplied from the customer.
The figures are all from the Willy Miniatures range, and are loosely schemed on the Minnesota Vikings I believe.
The basing is prepared for the client to complete as he sees fit, They had been Hot-glued to the original bases which seriously hampered a decent paint job so I removed them all and refitted with pins instead.
 Front and Back of the cook and coach.

These two were Identical, so with a bit of green stuff I adapted the left hand one slightly by adding armour and a few fungi, completing the job with a modified paint scheme.

This Treeman is equipped with a Halfling, but due to my foul up in fitting it on the base, he had to have some repairs to the right leg, Again new armour, and some extra work on detailing above that to represent bark completed the job. I had a few extra fungi that I had made so added these as well for variety.

I enjoyed doing this project, the figures have a lot of character in them which adds to the flavour of the whole team overall.