Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Blood Bowl Halflings - WIP

Hello all Loki here once again.

This time I am doing something a little different having been let loose tinkering with green stuff. One of our pre-booked commissions is for a Halfling Blood Bowl team to be painted but before I could begin I had to remove all the figures from the supplied bases and re-affix them with pins as they had been hot glued onto MDF and this obscured the feet and left unsightly blobs on them. They were after all going to have a veteran standard paint job, so the little extra details like this help that process.

While doing this I noticed that one figure was missing a hand, and another was badly overhanging its base. Cue me giving Kevin a shout for a slither of Green stuff and doing some redesign work.

Group hug - My three victims after surgery.

Now this wee fella had the missing hand, and in a homage to the theme of the original team I decided to fashion a rolling pin into a hand.

This treeman I gave some minor modifications too as he is identical to another figure in the commission, so simply alter him by adding a knee guard (above) and some extra detail onto the existing shoulder pad (below), Finally I added a few fungi to him as well.

The final modifications came as a result of trying to get this ones legs to fit within the confines of the base. Completely unplanned as I had figured that with a gentle bit of pressure I would be able to bend the leg the 5 mm needed. Things did not go to plan and the familiar ping of cheap metal shattering meant I had to do some pinning and rebuilding.

I swore a lot and pondered how I was going to fix it. It was obvious I could now easily fit the leg onto the base. More of a problem was where it had broken which was just above the knee guard and in the new position the knee guard was looking all wrong. So I began by re designing the knee guard and getting the positioning sorted, before extending the leg with some extra work recreating a chunk of bark effect. Then I filled the small gaps at the bottom of the other leg and added some more fungi.

Well that's all for this post good readers till next time.


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  1. Superb stuff Andrew, these little details are what will make it another stand out job from yourself. I felt your pain when I read about the snapping - we've all been there!