Monday, 7 March 2016

News and Calendar Update 2016 - 1

Having had a good chance to take stock of our position at the weekend both of us felt that it was time to provide everyone with an update based on our current schedule and what we have planned for the future.

Lets begin this with the easy part.. Kevin is unable to accept any painting or sculpting work for the remainder of 2016. With a full schedule of sculpting ahead of him, more on that further down this post and has accepted all the painting he wishes to do for the year ahead already.

Andrew has an increasingly busy schedule and currently is booked until early August 2016 with painting commissions. However this date continues to change as more work gets booked in.

Now the exciting part. Kevin and I have decided to combine our respective talents, and are working on a small joint venture to realise a new range of figures. They will be sculpted at 18mm scale and we hope to be able to reveal the first sculpt in a couple of weeks. We have been deliberating on this venture for a couple of years, our indecision came from the gamer in us causing us to flip from one historical period to another. With that issue resolved we could move forward with our idea and have decided that now is the ideal time to make a start. 

Well good reader that is all I have for this update, so thank you for stopping to read this post.