Sunday, 10 April 2016

EMP Games - Bigfoot, Command Horizon and more

Well it is that time of year when things get a little manic in preparation for Salute, and EMP games have given me a lot to get prepared in a very short space of time. Throw being laid low for almost a week with some kind of nasty virus bug thing and it is certainly interesting.

First up was to revisit the Yeti's and show some added versatility by painting them as Sasquatch (Bigfoot) variants.

Next was to give me a huge chunk of 6mm Space ships as the work on the Command Horizon game keeps on coming.

Staying in space, I had to do something with Selenites... My brief was to be green in colour and use google. Apparently these are based on creatures written about in - The First Men in the Moon a scientific romance published in 1901 by the English author H. G. Wells.

Finally for now is the first Ogre figure in what I am lead to believe is going to be a very large range of these in the near future, my sources tell me that a huge amount are due back from the Mould makers imminently.

Well that concludes this short update, I have a lot more on the workbench with only 4 days left to get them all painted and ready for a trip to Salute next weekend.


  1. Nice work Loki, hope to see you at Salute!

  2. Superb job Andrew, hoping to catch up on Saturday.

  3. Very nice. My fav is the Aliens with the glossy eyes. AWESOME!