Saturday, 14 May 2016

Gripping Beast - El Cid & Peter the Hermit

I was a little surprised that a regular client that has only ever sent Napoleonic figures my way, rang me too say 'I have sent you El Cid and a monk to paint and I have sent a picture of how to paint them as well but make the monk a bit brighter'. So part of this weeks work saw me able to get both of them onto the paint bench, I decided to do the monk first as the mount had bags of character to him.

Then it was onto the rather imposing multi part kit that makes up El Cid.

Overall both of these kits are well sculpted and have very little if any mould lines to eliminate, I believe each of them costs £7.00 which could be considered a little expensive but as a one off worth it.

That's all for now as I have a ton of work to get through before Partizan next weekend, if I get time in the week I will update with everything else I got up to this week.