Wednesday, 29 June 2016

EMP Games - 28mm Boxer Rebellion part 2

The 1st Kickstarter for EMP comes to a close in a little over 24 hours: LINK

I received another batch of figures on Sunday, to paint before the official close of the project.

 The Italian Sailors that had been Unlocked.

 Italian Bersaglieri, that have been sculpted but not unlocked.
 French Marins, again these have not been unlocked.

Despite the fact that neither the Bersaglieri or Marins are unlocked, EMP games have decided to allow those packs to be available to investors as an add on purchase at any pledge level.

I have also been given images of the officers and Boxer figures that the sculptor has just completed.

Now of course these have yet to be moulded, but I have been informed that I should have the figures in 2 weeks to commence painting them up and they will be posted to the kickstarter pages in due course.

Overall I am aware that kickstarters for some are risky affairs, but I have every confidence in this project. I think it shows a great commitment that the EMP team have listened to the backers and had some of the officers sculpted well ahead of schedule, in fact they were originally planned for the next wave of releases after this one came to a close. Making the French Marines and Italian Bersaglieri available even though they are not unlocked is another positive move that I hope is appreciated by the backers. I don't say this because I am painting the figures either, it comes from knowing that John and Eric are very committed to this venture and as Wargames Emporium has been around in the gaming community for a very long time personally I have great confidence in the team meeting all the goals they set out too.

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