Sunday, 26 June 2016

Lancashire Games 18mm ACW Infantry Completed

Here we go then, I have completed all the figures required for the launch of the range and spent a few hours taking pictures for them. Please note they are not painted for gaming, but for image use only therefore while I have used the correct historical colours they are not painted as particular regiments.

 Union Commands : On the left at the Halt on the right Advancing
Union Commands: Rear view, they wear, fatigue/forage caps and kepis.

 Confederate Commands: on the left advancing on the right at the halt
Confederate commands: rear view, these are in the slouch hats it should be noted that the union commands will intermix with these figures as well.

I will point out that I have only painted one sergeant for each side but all the commands include a sergeant the fact is that for either side it is the same pose.

 The Rank and File: firing and loading front view
  The Rank and File:firing and loading rear view
  The Rank and File: Marching front view
  The Rank and File: Marching rear view
  The Rank and File: Marching at right shoulder shift front view
  The Rank and File: Marching Right shoulder shift rear view
  The Rank and File: Charging front view
  The Rank and File: Charging rear view
  The Rank and File: Advancing front view
 The Rank and File: Advancing Rear view
 Union Zouaves: In Fez, Command on the left rank and file on the right
Union Zouaves: In Fez rear view

I spoke to Allan at Lancashire games this morning and he informed me these will be available to purchase in the WEB STORE from Thursday the 30th June.

That is all for this update, there is plenty more on both my workbench for painting and Kevins with sculpting. I expect him to be along in the near future with images of the next wave of greens for this project. He is working frantically on campaign wear figures at present as well as higher command and cavalry.