Tuesday, 21 June 2016

WIP - Lancashire Games new 18mm ACW range

If you have followed the blog for a while you will know Kevin has been sculpting an entirely new range of ACW figures for Lancashire games. Phase 1 of the sculpting has been completed and 90% of the infantry codes that will be available are due for release shortly.

I have been given the honour of painting all the various poses in the initial release, for use on the web site and in advertising. I asked permission from Allan to be able to show you all some of the work in progress shots as I paint and he was happy for this, and also for me to show the other items that are sculpted and moulds made for that will be released soon as well.

In addition to these there are command packs, that I have not yet prepped for painting. So please note they may show flash and the odd mould line.

I am missing a drummer from the figures top left and a Sargent from the bottom left, both are sculpted just  not included here.

Finally the first two Zouave codes, again not yet ready to paint.

I have some other goodies in the large bag of lead that I shall reveal in due course.



  1. Stunning work Loki, beautiful miniatures!

  2. These look wonderful and beautifully brought to 'life' by your good self.

  3. Excellent WIPs Loki and great sculpting Kev :)