Monday, 18 July 2016

More Phase 2 ACW Sculpts for Lancashire Games

A few more pics of the WiP ACW 18mm range for Lancs Games.
All are still work in progress but are near completion.
A bit of smoothing and filling needed in a few places.
Otherwise nearly there.

Iron Brigade Command

Rear View of above


Rear view of above

Campaign Command 1

Staff Officers Command vignette 1

Campaign Double time & shirtsleeves

Saturday, 9 July 2016

18mm ACW Phase 2 sculpts, all Work in Progress.

Hi Everyone.
Quick teaser here.
All are in rough WiP state atm.
A few pics of some of the phase 2 for Lancashire Games new ACW  18mm range.
Phase 1 was regular Infantry, Zouaves and Artillery, all with various headwear.
A Camp scene is also available.
Loki has already applied his brushwork to showcase some of the figures and with more to follow.
Phase 2 will be Infantry with a more of a campaign feel.
Blanket rolls, irregular kit ect.
The idea is to make these fit in with the phase 1 figures.
Mix and match to make some very nice looking varied units.
Phase 2 will also include the Iron Brigade with command and Berdans Sharpshooters.
I am also working on the Staff officers vignette and the Cavalry for phase 3.
Maybe one or two other little treats for the ACW range.
The range will hopefully be completed by early next year and Phase 1 are on sale now on the Lancashire Games webstore.
Thank you for looking

Iron Brigade

Zouaves in Kepi

Drummer in Slouch hat

Officer with Dragoon Pistol

Slouch hat charging

Side view of above

At the ready in Forage cap

Firing in slouch hat

Colour bearer in Slouch

A few of the new horse masters pinned and ready

Sharpshooter ???

Staff Officers Vignette

Double time


A very, Very busy workbench and that's just a small part of it.