Sunday, 7 August 2016

MInd the gap

One of my major clients bought over a box of Napoleonic Bavarians with a simple request of expanding the units by 8 figures to bring them up to his playing size.

so I had 7 sets of 8 figures to match into the existing forces. Plus I had a bag of 24 figures to paint from scratch giving the client 8 full size battalions to game with.

Round 1 - Saw 5 units getting worked, it took a while for me to match in the colours used by the original painter, It took many hours sifting through various shades and combinations till I had them all sorted to be able to commence work. Too complicate matters further and I had to use techniques that I have not used in a long time to match the painting style of the original figures. Apart from destroying several brushes in the process I managed to replicate the style as close as was possible for me.

Round 2 - This was the turn of the 2 light battalions and the full battalion to be painted. You can see in the background a unit of Bavarian Dragoons that I am currently working, and I also have another one of chevaux leger to order and then paint.

The customer has already based stage 1 and informed me that he can hardly tell the difference between the old and new figures. He visited on Friday to collect the rest of the infantry, so that just leaves the cavalry element and 2 officers to complete on this project.



  1. Wow, now I see why you've been so busy!

  2. Grand job then.. Always a horrible job trying to match someone else's painting