Wednesday 17 December 2014

Loki Continues with more Napoleonics

Hi everyone, I am back to my old self mostly and an beavering away on my favourite period so here is the latest battalion.

This lot are the 2nd battalion of the 1st regiment of Berg circa 1809-1810 and are currently on Ebay

Saturday 6 December 2014

Changes to the commission page and other news.

When we began this venture we had no idea that our services would become so popular in such a short space of time. This has led us in having to rethink our business strategy and planning for the coming year and to ensure we can continue to offer a quality service to you our customers.

We therefore have had to make some changes, and have decided that we are withdrawing the painting service for 15mm and 20mm figures. This is partly due to the bulk of the work we receive being 28mm and a clear step change between our hobby endeavours and those of our work, the edges get a bit blurred on occasion.

The other reasons are, Kevin has been busy trying to paint and sculpt figures at the same time and this is not viable in the long term as both impact on each other and at times block the schedule and cause a backlog, combined with Andrews continued health issues, his commitment to Warbases, and some major work he has deadlines to work too. We feel this is the best way to ease some of that and allow us to be more specific in what we do and maintain a good customer relationship for all our clients..

We have also had to implement some minor price changes in the commission costs, as material costs have increased significantly over the last 12 months and continue to rise, we have kept the increases to a bare minimum, and still believe for the quality of the work we produce that we are very competative on price.

We are currently fully booked until the second half of 2015 already, and so we are asking anyone who wants a commission to contact us directly to discuss their requirements at the earliest possible moment so we can avoid any nasty surprises or disappointments.


Andrew & Kevin
Brigantes Studio