Sunday, 27 April 2014

28mm English Civil War, Kings Lifeguard WIP

One of my current commissions. A unit of Pike & Shotte for a regular customer who is basing them himself.
These will represent the Kings Lifeguard of foote. They are nearly finished, just a little tidying up to do, the odd highlight and around the faces, eyes, etc.

Above are some of the pike.

Finally are some of the Command. Not sure of the make, possibly Bicorne or Redoubt.
I am currently working on the shotte and more command figures.


  1. I love that uniform colour Andrew, great job.

    1. Sorry Kevin, I've just realised that these are yours! My word you really do have a similar style in painting - brilliant work Sir.

    2. Lol cheers Michael.
      Yeah many have said we do have a similar style.

  2. Looking very very nice Kev!

  3. Love that red. Good luck with Brigantes Andrew!