Design & Sculpting

Work in Progress (WiP) page for Design and Sculpting work by Brigantes Studio.
All work on this page will be Previews and NOT the finished items, unless with prior permission from the customer.

Current WiP.
I am currently re-designing a new18mm ACW range for Lancashire Games.
This will be a complete new range with most troop types covered.
Standard infantry for both sides.
Special units like the Iron Brigade, Berdans Sharpshooters, Tiger Zouaves and Generic Zouave regiments.
Artillery Crews and Limber.
Cavalry, mounted and dismounted.
High Command and some personalities from the conflict.
Finally a few vignettes like a camp scene, officers camp scene, possibly Hospital scene, who knows what may take my fancy.

28mm New stuff.

Some recent work for Warbases.
Victoriana Market sellers and civilians

A few "Wild West" bits.


  1. Bloody lovely work, very talented and impressive!

  2. Great work there and I have to say very nicely done too.

  3. Great work, all the stagecoach needs is Walter Brennan perched on the back!
    ; )

    Looking forward to seeing more of your sculpts!

  4. Thanks for the comments.
    I am getting better, slowly.
    Been so long since I last played around with the Green Stuff.
    Slowly coming back to me as my range of tools expands.

  5. Very good work, mate!
    I'm really looking forward to seeing them finished.