Saturday 31 October 2015

What has kept Loki busy these last months Part 3

This is the final catch up post, inevitably there will be some projects that I have not posted pictures of. They are either deleted or I just cant remember which folders they are hiding in.

So let me begin with a small Dark age commission. An Anglo-Danish warlord and his retainers.

Of course I have also done some more work for Warbases with the completion of the Hearse and funeral set for the ever expanding Victorian range they produce.
 The cobbled roads are sculpted by me and are available to purchase directly from Warbases.
 The Hearse driver, Shire horse and feathers along with the funeral director were sculpted by Kevin.

This brings me nicely up to date: Currently the workbench is rather busy with a Saracen Saga warband, An Assyrian army and a few units of Napoleonic cavalry to keep me at the brushes.

Friday 23 October 2015

"Kirke's Lambs"

A long time ago I offered to paint some figures for a friend, thankfully he understands me well enough and never put any pressure on me to rush these.. He kindly supplied me with a paint scheme that he wanted me to use and so I set about completing his version of Kirke's Lambs.

I will apologise in advance for the quality of the images my camera once again decided to be temperamental.

The command group.

The Pike.

The Grenadiers.

Then Musketeers.

Finally, he also asked me to paint 6 cavalry figures as an extra.

The figures are all un-based as my good friend requested due to his uncertainty as to using round or square bases. Either way he will have a comprehensive force for using and playing Donnybrook with now.

Monday 5 October 2015

What has kept Loki busy these last months Part 2

Lets continue the catch up with some more work for EMP games.

First up are some rather fetching crabmen.

then we have some scythed beasts.

Last up for this particular set of figures is the King Crab..
Sticking with the Fantasy / Sci-fi side of things then we I had some new female troopers in full body armour, rather more practical than the usual breast and loin protectors usually seen..

I will wrap this post up here as it nicely brings me to a conclusion on the updates for EMP games ranges.

Friday 2 October 2015

What has kept Loki busy these last months Part 1

Hi everyone, now I must admit we have been a little lax on the blog front these last few months... This has in large part been due to Kev having done very little due to problems with his wrists, thankfully he is on the mend and back sculpting again ...Whilst I have been painting or my mind had wandered off track visiting distant planets in my confused state.. Having said that there have been a lot of items painted that have not even made an appearance here which I will try to rectify with some catch up posting..

So lets begin with the Fantasy side of things for EMP games... First up are some rather gruesome Slugs.

Then we have some Furious Fungi.

Some of you will have seen items here that have made an appearance on Facebook already, my apologies for this intrusion.

I then had some 6mm armour to paint for the command horizon game again for EMP games.

Well good reader I will leave you at this point so as not to make the post too long more to come in the next post.