Thursday 26 November 2015

Napoleonic Prussian 6th dragoons,and Prussian commanders

Following on from the Austrians, the second half of the commission was to paint a unit of Prussian dragoons. These are a marked contrast from the previous batch of Front rank figures being they were Perry figures and as per usual these took forever to clean up.

I always get really frustrated when I receive a batch of Perry Metals, firstly disentangling them from that horrible fibrous packing crap that gets stuck to every nibble and knobble of metal, which seem so numerous on this brand. Then you get to the cleaning which seems to pass more hours than befits the figure. Horses seem to be the worst culprit with mould lines running down the muzzle, misaligned rumps, great globs of molten metal between every leg joint and runoffs and knobbles in the most unlikely places. Often I find a good amount of single malt aids the pain of cleaning these, but over consumption does not aid the eyesight finding all the excess bits of metal. That's it rant over till next time.

I was given carte blanche to choose the unit so I went with the 6th as they have the unusual facing colour of rose pink, which contrasts rather nicely with the brighter blue of the dragoon uniform. My first task was to make three quick conversions as the command figures were missing and I had only been supplied standard troopers, so a sash was made for one, another was given a standard and some wire and milliput fashioned a trumpeter.

The last thing remaining for the commission was three Prussian Officers / ADCs these are single part castings of horse and rider.

Thank you all for stopping by and taking a look.


Tuesday 10 November 2015

Austrian Napoleonic 4th Hussars

This week Loki has been working on what has to be his favorite period in History, He has a couple of current commissions for some 28mm Napoleonic cavalry units.

The first one off the desk is the Austrian 4th (Hessen Homberg) Hussars.

 A 12 figure unit of Front Rank figures.
 A selection of the rank and file figures in closer detail.

 The 3 command figures Trumpeter, Standard bearer and Officer

Thursday 5 November 2015

28mm Perry Miniatures War of the Roses

Well! it's been a while.
The Final instalment of the WotR.
Long overdue due to my hand problems but I am doing my best to get back to some normality.
Earl Oxford & his Mounted retinue.
Duke of Clarence with a Bow retinue
A Few of Montagu's contingents and a nice little vignette of a guy felled by a xbow.

Painted to Regular Standard by Kev.

Oxford's Mounted Men at Arms Retinue

John de Vere Earl of Oxford

Montagu, Shire Levy Bow


Clarence Bow Retinue

Montagu Men at Arms

Montagu Bow Retinue

Duke of Clarence

Tuesday 3 November 2015

More Slugs, Hazmat Clones and a Robot

Loki always enjoys his trips into town to collect the next batch of painting for Wargames Emporium as it always furnishes him with some diverse objects to paint.

All the items here are Sold under the ranges at EMP Games

So lets kick this off with another couple of those slugs

Next up are some Hazmat clone troopers from the Distant Horizon range

To finish off this post, we will conclude with a 6mm Robot, It is a colossal wee thing that sits just nicely on a 100mm diameter base when constructed.

This final Image shows the additional weapons options that are packaged with the kit.

Thats it for this post folks thanks for stopping by