Friday 20 June 2014

ECW, The last of the Kings Lifeguard of Foote and a rather Tough Irish Hero.

The unit is now complete.
A final Ensign and Drummer complete the commission.
An added extra is the Irish Hero figure.
He is from Warlord games and is painted as MacCholla at the Battle of Auldearn.
Osprey Warrior 21 "Highland Clansman" plate I.
These will be heading to Charles for basing as may appear in a future BP supplement.
All 28mm and painted to Veteran standard by Kev.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

28mm War of the Roses.

Ongoing War of the Rose 28mm Commission.
This unit represents the Men at Arms retinue of Richard, Duke of Gloucester at the Battle of Barnet.
A mix of Perry's Plastics and Metals.
Painted to Regular Standard by Kev

Thursday 5 June 2014

Northumbrian Tin Soldier - Nightfolk Questing Knights - Display Figures

I received these sculpts at Partizan on Sunday after offering to paint a set of them for David and Jayne's Display at Northumbrian tin soldier. I have David's agreement that I can post them on here as a preview for you all.

From left to right: Sir Venerable, Sir Hal 'The Bird Knight', Sir Bucket the Boor, Squire Knapsack. 

All figures painted and based to DISPLAY STANDARD by Andrew:

Now for a closer look at each model:

Sir Venerable

Well this is a rather striking figure, the helmet resembles the Leader of the Knights of Ni to some degree, but its the facial characteristic on this model that really stand out, the nose and tash are very prominent.

Sir Hal 'The Bird Knight'

Another wonderful figure that is loaded with character, from the large plume down to the fur boots this one has humour in spades.

Sir Bucket the Boor

Perhaps the easiest of the questing knights to paint as he is in full Armour but that beard and Mace really do stand out along with that Helm.

Squire Knapsack

Hair and nose are the first things you see on the squire. Then that helmet and torch really come into there own, this figures has lots going on and that is the wildest helmet I have ever painted.

These were an absolute joy to paint and I will be adding these to my own collection.