Friday 29 April 2016

Napoleonic officers and Ncos

This is part of a batch of figures for a customer I have squeezed into the schedule. They are all Napoleonic figures from mixed manufacturers. Sorry if some of the images seem a little dark, the lighting conditions have been bad this week.

5 French mounted officers of different ranks

5 French Sergeant's 

8 British officers and ensigns

Everything is being based by the client to fit in with his own scheme.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

News and Calendar Update 2016 - 2

Things have been busy both on the painting front for me and sculpting work for Kevin. Our schedules are hectic to say the least at times, particularly before most of the larger shows.

We have decided to make available as much information about our workload as possible. To that end a new page has been created on the blog, simply titled Calendar. It is not by any means a definitive list and the dates are subject to a modicum of flexibility as stated in our updated Terms and Conditions page. We have used a Google calendar to achieve this.

The calendar has been set up so you can see what Kevin or Andrew are booked to do on any given week. There is a degree of space within the schedule to accept other work as we try to build in a small buffer of extra time with each project we accept.

We have therefore some space for customers who ask us to squeeze in a small or larger commission alongside other work. Kevin and I try to accommodate these requests whenever possible.

We would like however to take this opportunity to ask our customers to read our terms and conditions page. As it clearly states our main ethos is on quality over quantity and we only accept work on the understanding that any times given are estimates and not actual deadlines.

Sunday 24 April 2016

28mm Polish Renaissance Pancerni

My painting time is limited now due to the time I have to spend on the greenstuff.
I only paint for a few choice customers.
This is the first part of a Polish Renaissance Army, a new commission for an Aussie customer.

Two units of Twelve Pancerni Cavalry.
These are fairly large 28mm by TaG (the assault group).
Lots more to follow.

Painted to Regular standard (with a few enhancements) by Kev

Thursday 14 April 2016

Flash Gordon, Ming the Merciless and a Jet man

Just a short post today, Saturday saw me call into Wargames Emporium as they had a few more figures to add to the pile for Salute.

These are new releases to the Hydra Miniatures range that they carry exclusively in the UK. They are available for purchase (unpainted) at Salute.

 First up a group shot of the three figures, they are available separately.

 Ming the Merciless, front and rear.

 Flash Gordon, front and rear

 The Man with Jet pack, front and rear.

Sorry for the wonky colour in the background on a few of the pics, I do not have time to reshoot the pictures.

Sunday 10 April 2016

EMP Games - Bigfoot, Command Horizon and more

Well it is that time of year when things get a little manic in preparation for Salute, and EMP games have given me a lot to get prepared in a very short space of time. Throw being laid low for almost a week with some kind of nasty virus bug thing and it is certainly interesting.

First up was to revisit the Yeti's and show some added versatility by painting them as Sasquatch (Bigfoot) variants.

Next was to give me a huge chunk of 6mm Space ships as the work on the Command Horizon game keeps on coming.

Staying in space, I had to do something with Selenites... My brief was to be green in colour and use google. Apparently these are based on creatures written about in - The First Men in the Moon a scientific romance published in 1901 by the English author H. G. Wells.

Finally for now is the first Ogre figure in what I am lead to believe is going to be a very large range of these in the near future, my sources tell me that a huge amount are due back from the Mould makers imminently.

Well that concludes this short update, I have a lot more on the workbench with only 4 days left to get them all painted and ready for a trip to Salute next weekend.

Saturday 2 April 2016

"What's Kev been up to?"

Hi all.
Sorry it's been a while.
So what have I been doing whilst Andy has been holding the fort.
Well I have had some health issues and not been as active as I would like to have been.
But I have not been completely useless for the last few months.
I have been busy on the green stuff as well as doing a bit of painting.
I am now booked for all this year with sculpting and painting and I think Andy is about the same with his painting schedule.
It's nice to be busy again and able to actually do something.
Andy has kept Brigantes rolling along with some excellent paint jobs over the last few months, but now it's my urn to make a contribution.

Here are a few pics of some recent greens and some WIP Greens (sorry I still take crap pictures)
At the end of the pics is the little treat from what will be our first foray into our own range of mini's.

28mm Victorian market seller front

28mm Victorian market seller rear 

28mm Barrow boy

28mm Barrow boy

28mm Barrow boy

28mm Victorian elderly couple front

28mm Victorian elderly couple rear

28mm Barrow contents (Fruit & Veg,  boxes & sacks)
 All of the above are for Warbases.
Below are a WIP for a New ACW range for a current manufacturer.
All are 18mm foot to eye.
They are a little chunky on purpose as the mould making procedure of  master mould and then production mould thins the figure each time.

Union Command and NCO in foreground

Union Command again

Union advancing/marching 

Side view of above

Union Zouaves


Rear view of the Union Zouaves

Union Artillery

Rear view of the Artillery

Artillery again

Camp Scene 1

Camp Scene 2

Camp Scene 3

All of the above are still a WiP.

and Finally sneak at the first figure that will hopefully lead to a Brigantes Studio Miniatures range.
The figure is 18mm and is still a WiP, but close to completion.
Thanks for viewing, 

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