Monday 14 July 2014

Kings Lifeguard of Foote, Based and Finished by the Owner.

Charles kindly sent me some pics of the finished Kings Lifeguard of Foote for his ECW collection.
These are proudly displayed on the Warlord Games Forum.
I must say, these do look the part now they have had the basing completed.
The Irish Hero from the Osprey Highland Clansmen book also scrubs up pretty well.

Charles has done a great job on the basing and and a big thanks to him for giving me access to the pics for Brigantes.
28mm Redoubt, Bicorne and Pig Iron Miniatures painted to Veteran Standard by Kev

Thursday 3 July 2014

New 28mm War of the Roses and 15mm Sculpting on the Design page.

William, Lord Hastings Shire Levy Bowmen.
I am at last getting near the end of this huge commission.
Six retinues from the Battle of Barnett.
Yorkists are Edward IV, Duke of Gloucester and Lord Hastings.
Lancastrians are Warwick, Lord Montagu and Duke of Exeter.
About 800 figures so far.
Everyone of them an individual.
All figures are 28mm Perry Plastics and painted to Regular Standard by Kev.