Monday 26 May 2014

28mm Dixon Gangsters and Cops

I have finished the first Stage of my recent commission for fellow blogger Dave Docherty.  This has been a great little project for me to get my teeth into and I was given artistic license with the simple words do your best on them!

All Painted and Based by Andrew

The Long Arms of the law, I wanted to keep the blue in a dark palette so these were painted using Vallejo Game color Night Blue, Vallejo Game color Stormy blue and highlighted with Navy Blue

Various tough guys with plenty of weapons again each figure painted as an individual, and just don't ask how I did the tartan waistcoat

Street thugs with hand guns, rather more modest dress code for these chaps

If you are going to have gangsters then this pair are an obvious choice Miss Bonnie Parker and Mr Clyde Barrow and infamous duo and formidable enemies.

The Five a nasty bunch if ever there was, these are ruthless men dressed in the finest threads. From Left to Right: Diamond Dave, The Reverend, Cabin Fever, The Badger and "Sly Boots" Saunders.

And some close ups for you of the Five.

Do you know who the Five are?

Sunday 25 May 2014

28mm, ECW, Kings Lifeguard of Foote, Command.

The ECW Lifeguard commission is now complete.
Although the customer has now sent me another Ensign to paint.
Single figure though and no problem.
Here are the Command set in all their glory.
28mm to Veteran standard by Kev

Left to Right we have, Officer, Sergeant, Drummer and two Ensign's.

Right, off to do a bit of Sculpting.

Tuesday 20 May 2014

28mm ECW, Kings Lifeguard of Foote

More of the current ECW Commission.
The Kings Lifeguard of Foote.
These are the last of the shotte.
Just a few commanders to finish and they will be up next.

These have been lovely figures to paint.
The detail on them is excellent.

Painted to Veteran Standard by Kev.

Friday 16 May 2014

28mm AW Miniatures French Indian War

This Commission is now completed.
These are the Display figures for AW Miniatures.
This set is actually the M&T British Infantry box set and the new Greanadiers.
The first lot of the Grenadiers are in an earlier post.
The set also includes some woodland Indians, these were completed last year.
This lot will be on their way to Triples with me tomorrow and will be on the AW stand at the show.
Please pay a visit to the AW stand at the show.
All figures are 28mm and painted by Kev.

Sunday 11 May 2014

Hopefully a minor improvement

One of the main things we wanted to do differently with this new joint venture is our customer service. To that end I have placed a new page on the blog that will list our currently scheduled workload.

We feel this is a positive step and hopefully shows that we are honest and open about our commitments and we take the planning of the workload seriously so we deliver goods on time wherever possible.

That is not to say that because we have something already booked for a given time frame we wont be able to take on more work, but it will allow you to see what we have on hand and when it is scheduled for commencement and us to easily organise our growing workload.

Obviously we have not given many details of the commissions, as we believe in the right of privacy for our customers so we don't reveal names or amounts. A point you all can hopefully agree with and understand.

If anyone has any ideas on thoughts about further improvements they wish to see implemented we would be glad to receive them in the comments box.


Sunday 4 May 2014

28mm French Indian War British Grenadiers.

Not a Commission as such.
28mm AW Miniatures FIW. The new British Grenadiers.
These are display figures for shows and the Website.
I wouldn't say that these are Veteran Standard.
More a mix of Veteran and Regular.
Mostly three colour work, but with a bit of two colour.
Four more are also nearly finished, they are currently on my paint table with some ECW.

Far left is the NCO, with the Officer on the far right.

Very large sculpts, 30mm + really, but they are Grenadiers I suppose.
Painted by Kev.