Friday, 16 May 2014

28mm AW Miniatures French Indian War

This Commission is now completed.
These are the Display figures for AW Miniatures.
This set is actually the M&T British Infantry box set and the new Greanadiers.
The first lot of the Grenadiers are in an earlier post.
The set also includes some woodland Indians, these were completed last year.
This lot will be on their way to Triples with me tomorrow and will be on the AW stand at the show.
Please pay a visit to the AW stand at the show.
All figures are 28mm and painted by Kev.


  1. Nice cuff and mitre plate details!

  2. Excellent work, love the grenadiers!

  3. These will look great on the table. Your client will be very pleased.

  4. You have done a great job on the red.. Nice to see it bright , not muted.