Monday, 6 October 2014

Recent Work for the Derby Worlds.

What a busy couple of weeks.
The brushes and sculpt tools have been on overdrive for the Derby Deadline.
Here's a few sneaks at some of the stuff Brigantes have been working on.

First up is the new Miniature from Hinds Figures (Hinchcliffe).
A very lovely Napoleon on Marengo, Crossing the Alps.
Just like the popular painting we all know.
This is a beautiful piece in 28mm.
Sculpted by Mark Simms I believe.

A sneak peak at some of the new 15mm ACW.
Greatcoat Command.
An entire new range is currently being re-designed.
And will be available soon.

Finally, some new display figures for AW Miniatures.
28mm FIW British Command.

We are very busy, a lot of new stuff in the pipeline.
Painting to Veteran Standard by Kev
Sculpting also by Kev.


  1. That first piece is stunning Kevin, bravo Sir. (I should add that they are all pretty tasty, but the first one really caught my attention.)

  2. Top job on the Corsican Ogre.
    "Down with Buonaparte!" :)

  3. They are all stunning Kev! Excellent work!


  4. Wow! Fantastic work on the FIW figs! Oh, Napoleon is first rate too!

  5. Excellent stuff, can see you have been productive