Thursday, 5 February 2015

28mm War of the Spanish Succession 28's.

After my current spondylosis flare up, I needed to paint something to check if my eyesight had returned to normal.
I did not want to be working on stuff when I could not see what I was doing.
So I did these..
28mm WSS French Guards by Ebor and the very talented Mr Hicks.

These are now on Ebay.
They have served their purpose and I'm now back at the workbench with Greenstuuf and paintbrushes at the ready.

Painted with Mostly Foundry and CDA acrylics.

Bases by Warbases.

and a big thanks to Andy (Loki) for putting up with my whinging for the last month as I could not get to my workbench.


  1. "Very pretty, but can they fight?" :) Just kidding, they look like everything Lace Wars should. Fine brushwork and basing.

  2. Many thanks all.
    enjoyed these and a nice set to get the brushes working again.