Thursday, 12 March 2015

EMP Games - Distant Horizon Expeditionary forces

The next batch of figures Loki has put paint too for this contract are some Steampunk figures, yes Loki is quite happy and will paint almost anything that is put in front of him. I will say these were a lot of fun to paint and certainly gave me some freedom to just see what happened.

EMP Games can be found HERE or you can find the range directly by going HERE:

So first up is pack DH106 Expeditionary force troops. The pack contains 7 Expeditionary Troopers and 1 Sargent. Bases supplied, figures come unpainted. Priced at £10.00

Next up is pack DH107 Expeditionary Force Specialists. The pack contains 4 troops with special weapons. 1 x Sniper, 1 x Flame Thrower, 1 x Rocket Launcher, 1 x LMG with bases, supplied unpainted. Priced at £8.00

If you fancy something a little different for your games then I can recommend these, a thoroughly enjoyable paint.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Gangsters, Molls, Cops and G- Men

Our thanks to Dave Docherty over at One man and his Brushes for these excellent pictures of Loki's latest commission work.

I will start with the Molls from Copplestone

Next up are the Copplestone Honest Citizens - Boss man with a nice new sweater.

Next up was a box set from Blue Moon, whose bases I removed and re sculpted to match the remainder of the collection.

Blue moon G-men, these do have some challenging faces to work with and the biggest issue is mould lines running through them.

To finish it all off were another 6 cops, again these are from the Blue Moon range.