Monday, 5 October 2015

What has kept Loki busy these last months Part 2

Lets continue the catch up with some more work for EMP games.

First up are some rather fetching crabmen.

then we have some scythed beasts.

Last up for this particular set of figures is the King Crab..
Sticking with the Fantasy / Sci-fi side of things then we I had some new female troopers in full body armour, rather more practical than the usual breast and loin protectors usually seen..

I will wrap this post up here as it nicely brings me to a conclusion on the updates for EMP games ranges.


  1. Replies
    1. What would you know? Excellent work again especially the girls!

  2. Brilliant work and well worth the time to do it. Take care of yourselves and happy painting!

  3. That's some vicious looking work! Wow!

  4. "Never mind, you still have Zoidberg. You ALL still have Zoidberg!"
    : )
    Some very nice work there on the crustaceans, well done!

    1. Indeed, and at this rate I am going to be painting Zoids.