Wednesday, 27 April 2016

News and Calendar Update 2016 - 2

Things have been busy both on the painting front for me and sculpting work for Kevin. Our schedules are hectic to say the least at times, particularly before most of the larger shows.

We have decided to make available as much information about our workload as possible. To that end a new page has been created on the blog, simply titled Calendar. It is not by any means a definitive list and the dates are subject to a modicum of flexibility as stated in our updated Terms and Conditions page. We have used a Google calendar to achieve this.

The calendar has been set up so you can see what Kevin or Andrew are booked to do on any given week. There is a degree of space within the schedule to accept other work as we try to build in a small buffer of extra time with each project we accept.

We have therefore some space for customers who ask us to squeeze in a small or larger commission alongside other work. Kevin and I try to accommodate these requests whenever possible.

We would like however to take this opportunity to ask our customers to read our terms and conditions page. As it clearly states our main ethos is on quality over quantity and we only accept work on the understanding that any times given are estimates and not actual deadlines.

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