Saturday, 2 April 2016

"What's Kev been up to?"

Hi all.
Sorry it's been a while.
So what have I been doing whilst Andy has been holding the fort.
Well I have had some health issues and not been as active as I would like to have been.
But I have not been completely useless for the last few months.
I have been busy on the green stuff as well as doing a bit of painting.
I am now booked for all this year with sculpting and painting and I think Andy is about the same with his painting schedule.
It's nice to be busy again and able to actually do something.
Andy has kept Brigantes rolling along with some excellent paint jobs over the last few months, but now it's my urn to make a contribution.

Here are a few pics of some recent greens and some WIP Greens (sorry I still take crap pictures)
At the end of the pics is the little treat from what will be our first foray into our own range of mini's.

28mm Victorian market seller front

28mm Victorian market seller rear 

28mm Barrow boy

28mm Barrow boy

28mm Barrow boy

28mm Victorian elderly couple front

28mm Victorian elderly couple rear

28mm Barrow contents (Fruit & Veg,  boxes & sacks)
 All of the above are for Warbases.
Below are a WIP for a New ACW range for a current manufacturer.
All are 18mm foot to eye.
They are a little chunky on purpose as the mould making procedure of  master mould and then production mould thins the figure each time.

Union Command and NCO in foreground

Union Command again

Union advancing/marching 

Side view of above

Union Zouaves


Rear view of the Union Zouaves

Union Artillery

Rear view of the Artillery

Artillery again

Camp Scene 1

Camp Scene 2

Camp Scene 3

All of the above are still a WiP.

and Finally sneak at the first figure that will hopefully lead to a Brigantes Studio Miniatures range.
The figure is 18mm and is still a WiP, but close to completion.
Thanks for viewing, 

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  1. Very nice sculpting Kev :)

  2. Excellent all round, but I especially like the ACW stuff. I'll have to keep my eye out for these lads. Well done that man.

  3. Lovely stuff Kev... Brigantes Cowboys , good idea

  4. Wonderful sculpting work Kev!

  5. Wonderful sculpting Kev!! Good to see you back at it!

  6. Thank you for the comments guys & gals.
    It's great to be back on the tools of the trade.
    A few more ACW to follow shortly.