Monday, 9 May 2016

Napoleonic and English Civil War

I agreed to fit a small addition alongside all the work we had on hand back in March, because a new client approached me who had purchased the Austrian Hussars from their original owner, who has decided he no longer wants Front Rank figures in his collection. The new customer wanted the unit expanded to 16 figures from its original 12. They took a little longer than my estimated timescale, due to the run up to Salute and other commitments that seemed to swallow more time than intended, add to that a large last minute addition from EMP games and timing went awry somewhat.

Thankfully I have been keeping meticulous notes for the last 18 months on everything different that I paint, just for such an occasion. The original unit can be seen HERE.

Last week also saw me working on a regular clients English Civil War collection, providing him with some figures to complete his existing units.

First up we have three officers, painted according to the clients notes provided.

Then a group of musketeers in a variety of colours, the figure on the left was requested to be dressed in dark tones to look like a grizzled veteran.

The final group of figures in this batch were to be painted as additions for the white coat regiment we had painted earlier for him.

Well good reader that's all I have for this week, so thank you for taking the time to visit.



  1. Nice to see some ECW stuff. Like the variation int he white coat. Nice work.

  2. Great work on these guys Loki!

  3. Very nice mate. Right up to your usual wonderful standards.

  4. Fantastic painted figures! That last picture of ECW figures are my favorites!


  5. Love your colorful and beautiful figures, excellent job!