Friday, 19 August 2016

Curteys Hoplites and EMP Ogres

Recently I was asked if we would paint some display figures for Curteys / 1st Corp Miniatures, they sent me a couple of packs of their new Greek hoplites through for me to paint.

 I possibly picked the worst of all the days this week to take pictures, with really dull weather so these don't look as good in the pictures as they do to the eye. They are not based as they wish to do this themselves to match all their existing figures.

They will also be putting on shield decals to finish them off.

Next up was a huge batch of Ogres from the ever expanding ranges at EMP games. This package contained 12 of the wee beasties, not that they can be considered small in any way.

6 of the figures came with machine gun type armament, I was given free range on the colour scheme, with the condition that the weapons all matched in each type, i.e. all the machine guns looked the same.

 2 come with a type of sniper rifle as shown above.

The final four come with some crude form of rocket or grenade launcher????

That concludes this post its back to the workbench for me 


Sunday, 7 August 2016

MInd the gap

One of my major clients bought over a box of Napoleonic Bavarians with a simple request of expanding the units by 8 figures to bring them up to his playing size.

so I had 7 sets of 8 figures to match into the existing forces. Plus I had a bag of 24 figures to paint from scratch giving the client 8 full size battalions to game with.

Round 1 - Saw 5 units getting worked, it took a while for me to match in the colours used by the original painter, It took many hours sifting through various shades and combinations till I had them all sorted to be able to commence work. Too complicate matters further and I had to use techniques that I have not used in a long time to match the painting style of the original figures. Apart from destroying several brushes in the process I managed to replicate the style as close as was possible for me.

Round 2 - This was the turn of the 2 light battalions and the full battalion to be painted. You can see in the background a unit of Bavarian Dragoons that I am currently working, and I also have another one of chevaux leger to order and then paint.

The customer has already based stage 1 and informed me that he can hardly tell the difference between the old and new figures. He visited on Friday to collect the rest of the infantry, so that just leaves the cavalry element and 2 officers to complete on this project.


Saturday, 6 August 2016

News update- 4 -2016

After a spending yesterday in a client meeting we have had to make some choices for the business that will allow us to continue delivering our high quality service to our current customer base.

With immediate effect we would like to inform you that Andrew is unable to accept any requests for painted figures from new clients until June 2017. Clients that we already have on the books are not affected by this announcement.

Kevin is also now extremely limited in the ability to accept any additional sculpting work until the 1st quarter of 2017, with his current commitments and schedules.

New customers may make enquiries but please be aware that we will be unable to consider or take on any projects in the remainder of 2016.


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Delays in current schedule

Hi all Loki here, I have to inform all our customers that I am currently running behind on my schedule by approximately 10 days. This is due to several factors as my wife has been working during the school summer holidays so I have been promoted to the position of Daddy day care until her return at 4 pm each day. Thankfully I now get a 3 week break from these duties so I can get back to full time painting, till the final 2 weeks of the holiday. Secondly I have been waiting for suitable weather to build a new home office, posh shed! I have spent a large proportion of the last two weeks engaged in hard manual labour but am pleased to report the office is built.

I will of course be working longer days over the next few weeks in order to reverse the delays and get myself back on target. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.