Tuesday 29 September 2015

Peninsular Display piece for Warbases

I know it has been a while since any updates were done here, but the truth is that we have been too busy with our commitments to blog everything we have been up to in the last few months..

Here is however some images of a display piece that Loki has knocked together showing the full range of pieces available from the Warbases modular building range..

I will state at this point that all the supplied roof sections have been replaced using Wills pantiles for a more authentic look.

This is the inner courtyard of the larger building complex complete with firing step.

Overall the diorama took a while to complete, mainly due to balancing all the required elements within the small confines of the ground plan available. The entire display is confined to and area of 505mm x 295mm so it was a challenge to fit together and still maintain a natural look to the whole project.

Thanks for reading, hopefully we will be back to regular posting soon.