Monday 25 January 2016

The Duellists

I received an email from one of my regular clients, stating that I was about to receive 4 figures in the post, the were from Fighting 15's and they were a little off the normal but could I paint them as dashing Napoleonic types in very bright colours and make them look flash to our display standard.

So when I received the figures I set about the task of researching some of the more unusual colour combinations seen on earlier French ADC's etc.

I had 2 figures basically that were duplicated to make the set of 4 figures, the idea the client has is for a duelling scene, the fine chaps with the over sized sniper pistols paired off against each other and the other two dandy chaps seconding whilst quaffing large goblets of wine.

Obviously the hair and uniform colours had to be varied for each figure, so as to try to make them a little dissimilar. Mounted onto 1p bases as per the customers request these fine chaps are now completed. I believe I met the brief or very bright colours, the main uniforms and faces have a minimum of 5 shades to them whilst the smaller items have 3.

The unpainted figures can be purchased HERE

Overall a nice little diversion as I am currently finishing a unit of Prussian Lieb Hussars for the same client.


Monday 4 January 2016

Prussian Brandenburg Cuirassiers

Firstly, let me wish you all a Happy 2016 before we get to the figures.

To start the ball rolling for this year, one of our clients sent me 2 units of Prussian Cavalry just before the Christmas Break. I had managed to get them well underway before the tools down period. I spent yesterday finishing them off. The client is basing the figures himself.

 The 4th Cuirassiers - Brandenburg, I have done these in pre 1815 colours, so they have red facings and the trumpeter does not have a red crest.
 Troopers group 1
 Troopers group 2
 Troopers group 3
 The command figures

The astute will have spotted that the entire unit except the trumpeter are mounted on chestnut horses, of varying shades. I have broken that up with a variety of leg and facial markings. The aim was to provide some form of cohesion to the heavy cavalry and create a good contrast for the figures.