Thursday 25 February 2016

Assyrian Army (part 3)

We get back to the large Assyrian commission with this post. 4 Units of 6 Heavy cavalry. These are Old Hinchliffe figures that were stripped and have been repainted. I have to say when I see these horses I am reminded of how much Sculpting has progressed for the better in this case. All painted to our Basic standard.

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Thursday 18 February 2016

Prussian Lieb Hussars

This is a catch up post, as it is another unit of Napoleonic cavalry I recently completed. I have to say straight out the combination of painting Black and these being Perry figures really got up my nose a little.

Black I find to be a very awkward colour to paint, so often I see black ending up with shades of grey as highlights resulting in what looks to me to be some kind of ghost effect and not very realistic.

So I tried to work it in a different way, using washes in black and blue to knock the figures back between each highlight. I think this gives them a more balanced look but hey what do I really know. I also worked from the black just adding touches of yellow to work up the highlights.

Sorry there are not a few more pictures but the light in my room lately is poor and I am taking plenty of bad pictures.


Sunday 14 February 2016

Carry on up the Jungle "Explorers"

Today we present the latest from EMP Games. I thought it best to set the scene and give the inspiration for these figures.

I had so much laughter working on these figures. I also spent a good amount of time watching the film again as a teenager they appeared regularly on British TV through the late 1970's and early 1980's. I was surprised by how much more I understood the humor now, as opposed to then, but I guess that's a few years of maturing for you.

From left to right we have my interpretation of - Claude Chumley, Upsa Daisy,Bill Boozey and Inigo Tinkle.

I am sure these figures can be used as nice additions for any form of Jungle exploration team. I am informed that there will be further characters added to this range as well.

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Monday 8 February 2016

Himalayan expedition anyone?

EMP games continue to hand us some interesting items as they expand their ranges. This one is a nice little addition to many fantasy settings, from Frostgrave to the world of dungeons and Dragons. A twin pack of Yetis.

These figures are 32mm from foot to eye and are well sculpted along the lines of the beasts as they were seen in The Mummy : The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

I like these diversions from the massed ranks that we get from EMP games, I am sure if I was not a historical gamer these would be useful in many different ways. With an alternative colour scheme these could easily work as Sasquatch (Big Foot) as well.

Thats all for this post thanks for stopping by