Tuesday 29 March 2016

Blood Bowl Halfling team

Its been a while since I had anything to do with Games workshop figures, mainly due to being loaded with commissions for historical figures which is the mainstay of our work here. However recently one of my regular clients, wanted me to hang back a little on another project I have for him and squeeze a full Blood Bowl team in for him. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had to do a little conversion work before I set about the painting.

The full line up, 3 Treemen , 14 Halflings , Cook and Coach.
I was given a strict set of instructions on the colour scheme, based on an image supplied from the customer.
The figures are all from the Willy Miniatures range, and are loosely schemed on the Minnesota Vikings I believe.
The basing is prepared for the client to complete as he sees fit, They had been Hot-glued to the original bases which seriously hampered a decent paint job so I removed them all and refitted with pins instead.
 Front and Back of the cook and coach.

These two were Identical, so with a bit of green stuff I adapted the left hand one slightly by adding armour and a few fungi, completing the job with a modified paint scheme.

This Treeman is equipped with a Halfling, but due to my foul up in fitting it on the base, he had to have some repairs to the right leg, Again new armour, and some extra work on detailing above that to represent bark completed the job. I had a few extra fungi that I had made so added these as well for variety.

I enjoyed doing this project, the figures have a lot of character in them which adds to the flavour of the whole team overall.


Wednesday 23 March 2016

Assyrian Army (part 5) - project completed

Well I got there in the end, at one point I felt the gods had conspired against me, as a series of events at home, seemed to leave me at the desk a lot less than I required to be. However this is the last batch of figures completed for a clients Assyrian army.

The totals for this commission stand at: 194 foot, 33 cavalry and 8 four horse chariots.

So let me begin with the final pictures of the last batch. First up the 8 Chariots and associated crews.

I have used a simple scheme for the chariot crews by matching the chariot trim and wheel colour to the belts, shields and trimmings of each crew.

Finally was a small group of spare command figures, the client wanted painting. I am looking forward to the images of the army once it is all based to see how they all fit together.


Tuesday 15 March 2016

Blood Bowl Halflings - WIP

Hello all Loki here once again.

This time I am doing something a little different having been let loose tinkering with green stuff. One of our pre-booked commissions is for a Halfling Blood Bowl team to be painted but before I could begin I had to remove all the figures from the supplied bases and re-affix them with pins as they had been hot glued onto MDF and this obscured the feet and left unsightly blobs on them. They were after all going to have a veteran standard paint job, so the little extra details like this help that process.

While doing this I noticed that one figure was missing a hand, and another was badly overhanging its base. Cue me giving Kevin a shout for a slither of Green stuff and doing some redesign work.

Group hug - My three victims after surgery.

Now this wee fella had the missing hand, and in a homage to the theme of the original team I decided to fashion a rolling pin into a hand.

This treeman I gave some minor modifications too as he is identical to another figure in the commission, so simply alter him by adding a knee guard (above) and some extra detail onto the existing shoulder pad (below), Finally I added a few fungi to him as well.

The final modifications came as a result of trying to get this ones legs to fit within the confines of the base. Completely unplanned as I had figured that with a gentle bit of pressure I would be able to bend the leg the 5 mm needed. Things did not go to plan and the familiar ping of cheap metal shattering meant I had to do some pinning and rebuilding.

I swore a lot and pondered how I was going to fix it. It was obvious I could now easily fit the leg onto the base. More of a problem was where it had broken which was just above the knee guard and in the new position the knee guard was looking all wrong. So I began by re designing the knee guard and getting the positioning sorted, before extending the leg with some extra work recreating a chunk of bark effect. Then I filled the small gaps at the bottom of the other leg and added some more fungi.

Well that's all for this post good readers till next time.


Friday 11 March 2016

Assyrian Army (part 4)

I have continued working on the Assyrian project. This time I present the bulk of the heavy infantry. All the units are 12 figures and are a mix of Spear and Bow. They are not based as per the clients instruction.

To begin with are the 2 units of Royal Guard Infantry.

This is followed by a further 4 units of line infantry.

The line have been kept unified by use of a simple scheme for each unit, giving a more formal appearance than the mixed colours used for the light troops.


Monday 7 March 2016

News and Calendar Update 2016 - 1

Having had a good chance to take stock of our position at the weekend both of us felt that it was time to provide everyone with an update based on our current schedule and what we have planned for the future.

Lets begin this with the easy part.. Kevin is unable to accept any painting or sculpting work for the remainder of 2016. With a full schedule of sculpting ahead of him, more on that further down this post and has accepted all the painting he wishes to do for the year ahead already.

Andrew has an increasingly busy schedule and currently is booked until early August 2016 with painting commissions. However this date continues to change as more work gets booked in.

Now the exciting part. Kevin and I have decided to combine our respective talents, and are working on a small joint venture to realise a new range of figures. They will be sculpted at 18mm scale and we hope to be able to reveal the first sculpt in a couple of weeks. We have been deliberating on this venture for a couple of years, our indecision came from the gamer in us causing us to flip from one historical period to another. With that issue resolved we could move forward with our idea and have decided that now is the ideal time to make a start. 

Well good reader that is all I have for this update, so thank you for stopping to read this post.

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Another 6mm Robot

Standing 62mm high this giant robot is another addition to the EMP games command horizon range.

I always enjoy these little projects that EMP games provide as they make a nice diversion to the mainly historical work that we undertake here.